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      C         G
While shepherds watched
      F         C
Their flocks by night
    C      D      G
All seated on the ground
    F            G         E
The angel of the Lord came down
    G     F       C
And glory shone around

"Fear not," he said,
For mighty dread
Had seized their troubled minds
"Glad tidings of great joy I bring
To you and all mankind."

"To you in David's
Town this day
Is born of David's line
The Savior who is Christ the Lord
And this shall be the sign."

"The heavenly Babe
You there shall find
To human view displayed
And meanly wrapped
In swathing bands
And in a manger laid."

Thus spake the seraph,
And forthwith
Appeared a shining throng
Of angels praising God, who thus
Addressed their joyful song

"All glory be to
God on high
And to the earth be peace;
Goodwill henceforth
From heaven to men
Begin and never cease!"


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In celebration of four years of we are hosting a competition aimed at encouraging amateur guitar (and banjo, ukulele and other similar instrument) players to improve their skills and display their passion for the performance of hymns in church and in their own personal worship time at home. As it is currently holiday time in a few different countries round the world, we hope that you may have some spare time to get practising!

The competition opens today July 12, 2012 and closes August 31, 2012.

Step 1: Pick one of the following hymns:
– Come Thou Fount
– Amazing Grace
– To God be the Glory
– When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
– And can It Be

Step 2: Choose whether you will play solo or with others. You may choose to sing and play at the same time or play with a a vocalist or have multiple instruments and multiple vocalists! Its up to you, but we suggest you think about making sure that the volume of the guitar(s) or other stringed instruments is appropriate for the numbers and/or volume of singers that you use. You may choose guitar, banjo, ukelele or any similar instrument.

Step 3: Practise alot!

Step 4: Record your performance in a format that is able to be uploaded to

Step 5: Upload your video to and be sure to include the following link, to either: or

( If you do not include the link your entry will not be eligible).

Step 6: You must link the url of your video to the comment stream on this post by midnight on 31 August, 2012 in order to be eligible for voting.

Prize: At present Guitar Chords for Hymns does not have the funds to provide any type of tangible prize. You are competing solely for the glory of being the most popular act on the website. The website has more than half a million people visit it each year, so alot of people may be looking at your entry!

You may repost a link to this post or website on your blog, your facebook account, your church homepage (with their permission) or elsewhere that you think that others might find it to enter the competition. Please only post considerately.

Questions: If you have a question about the entry process please make a comment on the “Music Lyrics” Competition post.

Voting: Will open on the website on September 1, 2012 and close on September 21, 2012. The winner and any runners up will be posted within a few days of the closing of the poll.

We really hope we get enough entries to make this competition fun and interesting for everyone involved. Even if you are too young to enter, we hope that it encourages you to get practising with your friends and family. If you are 15 or over, please don’t be shy, get practising and have a go!

For the Conditions of Entry click on the following link:

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More new hymns?

There’s been some really good suggestions for new hymns, but we can still handle some more. Comments are now open, so you don’t need to register

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New Hymns

I’m after some ideas for new hymns to add to this website. Please leave your suggestions in the comments on this post.



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